News Article relating to George Perkins Marsh “Selections From Man and Nature.”

George Perkins Marsh “Selection from Man and Nature” emphasizes that “Earth was given to him for usufruct alone, not for consumption, still less profligate waste” (Marsh 389). Yet, man-made creations such as the automobile relies on oil, which is a fossil fuel that is essentially one of the causes of global warming. Marsh presents man to be separated from nature. By separating Man and Earth, there is room for conflict and struggle. Marsh says “ but with stationary life or at least with the pastoral state, man at once commences an almost indiscriminate warfare upon all forms of animal and vegetable existence around him, and he advances in civilization, he gradually eradicates or transforms every spontaneous product of the soil he occupies” (Marsh 393). I found an article that connects the underlying theme of how mankind is a contributor to the destruction of the Earth. In “skeptic finds he now agrees global warming is real” by Seth Borenstein, Richard Muller, a Physicist, has spent the last two years trying to determine whether Global Warming is an actual phenomenon. After much research and deliberation, Muller came to the conclusion that our current temperatures are much higher than temperatures in the past. Muller does not present new information to the table. What is interesting is that Muller’s project was funded by other skeptics. For example, Charles Koch Foundation donated one quarter of the $600,000. The Koch family along with others is known to run oil and other greenhouse gas operations.

According to many scientists, global warming is largely due to greenhouse gases. According to Shawn Lawrence Otto, Muller has switched sides and thus is not welcomed in the skeptic’s community anymore. Otto said, “”Now he’s considered a traitor. For the skeptic community, this isn’t about data or fact. It’s about team sports. He’s been traded to the Indians. He’s playing for the wrong team now.” This article is not very different from other global warming articles. The information concurs with the information from other climate scientist. However, “they question how much of it is man-made, view it as less a threat and argue it’s too expensive to do something about, Otto said.” Temperature is always fluctuating. What contributes to these dramatic temperature changes is man’s conscious decision to partake. It is as though man does not realize that his actions have consequences. Marsh said “ the action of man, indeed, is frequently followed by unforeseen and undesired results, yet is nevertheless guided by a self- conscious will aiming as often at secondary and remote as at immediate objects” (Marsh 393). Both the article and Marsh’s excerpt’s question what is the final goal or objection of the decision man- kind take as a whole. The question these large corporations have to address is whether or not they know the ramifications of the burning fossil fuels, clearing parts or entire forests and if they know the consequences, could the government, which is supposed to serve at te best interest of the people and have judgment allow such matters? In the end, our conscious derives from knowledge. the better informed we are the better choices we can make as a whole!


Marsh, George P. The Earth as Modified by Human Action. Ch./Art: Destructiveness of Man; Instability of AMerican Life p. 33-55, 396-397. pub Arno Press 1970.


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    Borenstein, Seth. “Skeptic finds he now agrees global warming is real.”Chron 28 October 2011. 1 November 1, 2011.

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