Lion Country Safari

As I mentioned in class there is a park in South Florida called Lion Country Safari and has been open since the 1960’s I believe.  I did some research to try and find the origin of why and who opened the park and it turns out that a group of South African men decided to open up a park to make money where they could experience the safari that they were accustom to in South Africa.  Majority of the animals are from Africa that are featured on the safari drive.  I found it very interesting especially after reading Berger that the people who run the park are disillusioned by the animals who are just in a really big cage.  The park management believe that the animals are able to function and breed as if they were in Africa just because they are in a larger enclosure than most zoos and that the climate is very similar so the animals won’t know the difference essentially.  But what I wanna know is how can an animal be natural if humans supply them food, shelter, and medicine not to mention that everyday hundreds of cars drive through the exhibit, which is only a four mile tour.

I have attached the website for the park but was unable to attach the video I wished you to see, but if you scroll down you will see a video with a picture of a giraffe that says “Take A Video Tour” click on that and you’ll here an explanation of why the park was created and how they are striving to keep the exhibit natural.

Oh and as far as the lions, they were free roaming in the exhibit until 2005 when they were placed in a fenced enclosure due to guest opening their doors and windows near the animals.

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